Caring Pet Services at Affordable Rates

Cat Sitting

Don’t leave your feline to fend for himself while you’re away. Cats often get the stigma of being aloof, independent, and non-social. But the truth is that cats are creatures of habit. They have had you home for entire year of “safe at home” orders. And now we can help continue their routine of feeding, play, and a clean litter box.


During our visit, we will check on the welfare of shy cats, engage cats in play or grooming/brush, refresh water and food, and scoop litter daily. Cat visits can be 15 minutes or 30 minutes in length, depending on the number of cats in the home or any special medication needs.


15-minute visit

Starts at $15

30- minute visit

Starts at  $22

Dog Walking

During the visit, your dog will be exercised and enriched with a neighborhood stroll. After the walk, we make sure to provide fresh water and monitor for cool down. Your dog walker will check-into your portal and send you updates and pictures. You can also view the distance using GPS-enabled tracking.


Please know that your pet’s safety is our #1 priority, so large dogs will be walked separately. Small dogs that are leash-trained and can walk together, will be quoted with an add-on rate. Meet and greets are required prior to any service and are always complimentary.


30 minutes $22

45 minutes $28

60 minutes $35

$5 holiday surcharge


Pet Sitting in Your Home

This is a great option if you have multiple pets and/or your pets prefer the comforts of their own home. This is also the safest option if your dog prefers to be the “only dog”.


While you’re away, your pet sitter will take care of the daily needs of your pets. This can include short walks, playtime outside/inside, feeding, oral medication, brushing, litter box, picking up mail, watering plants and alternating lights.


30- minute visit 

Starts at $22

60-minute visit

Starts at $35

For the ultimate in pet care, a sitter can stay in your home overnight and during the day to provide extra time for cuddles and company.

Overnight In-Your-Home Pet Care

Starts at $100

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